CL Programming
IBM i(AS/400) Control Language Programming

IBM i (AS/400) Programming
1. Introduction to Control Language
* What is CL?
* Command Names
* Command Parameters
* The IBM i (AS/400) User Interface
2. Basic CL Programming
* Creating CL Programs
* Structure of a CL Source Member
* Declaring Variables
* Manipulating Variables
* CL Control Structures
* Expressions
* Controlling Workflow
* Basic Error Handling
3. Input / Output in a CL Program
* Passing Parameters
* Using external attributes
* Files and Data Areas
4. Understanding IBM i (AS/400) Messages
* Message Files
* Message Handling Commands
* Error Handling in CL
* Message Queue Break Handling Programs
5. Using IBM i (AS/400) APIs in CL Running CL Commands from RPG Selective Prompting on CL Commands Using Binary Data in CL
* List Processing
* System API Processing
6. Understanding and Modifying Command Attributes Creating Your Own Commands
* Command Definition
* Command Processing Programs
* Validity Checking Programs
7. V5R4 and V6R1 Changes to CL
* Structured Operations
* New Data Types
* Creating Command Help
*Multiple File Operations