About Us
PMS Information Systems have a rich experience in Software Application Development and Maintenance. We provides the perfect balance of strategy, technology and business processes to meet the challenges of reducing costs, delivering continuous improvements and driving innovations. We offer best-in-class shared and dedicated services on IBM i Technology.
PMS provides training exclusively on IBM i (AS/400) and IBM Mainframe technologies. We are solely focused on IBM i (AS/400) and IBM Mainframe, and that our portfolio of training and consultancy exclusively addresses those using IBM i and related technologies, we are able to provide IBM i courses which are probably amongst the best available in India. Our training courses are delivered by true experts within their respective disciplines.
PMS brings you dedicated, specialist, quality and highly focused technical education services using experts who evangelize the technology with great passion; Experts and who not only know their subjects intimately and thoroughly, but who also have an enormous amount of industry experience to draw upon.
To become customer's No. 1 choice in the IT industry for IT development, training and consultancy services.