Why Mainframe?
What is Mainframe?
IT is not about the hardware or the software; it's about the combination of the two. The hardware provides the high utilization processing, availability and security, complimenting the software that drives open standards-based applications as well as legacy applications with the same ease. Connecting to everything in your enterprise, and bringing to the table the "green" effect, less power, less cooling and smaller footprint, to drive your business,
IBM Mainframes Increases business flexibility & productivity
IBM System z mainframe servers are the cornerstone of a dynamic infrastructure that helps you transform IT to take advantage of our smarter planet, where systems are becoming increasingly interconnected, instrumented and intelligent. System z delivers on the promise of a flexible, secure, and smart IT architecture that can be managed seamlessly to meet the requirements of today's fast-changing business climate.
Differences between PCs and mainframes:
PCs Mainframe
Small size Large size
PC stores programs Mainframe stores the programs, not terminals
Files often on hard drive Files stored on the mainframe, not terminals
Perfect for a single user or grouped together for smaller businesses Perfect for larger businesses with many users needing access to the same information
Distributed access
Why Mainframe
Hardware & Software
Why Mainframe
Advantages of mainframes
- z/OS has up to 99.9999% uptime.
- Some customers haven�t rebooted in over 10 years.
- No known viruses have been created or deployed on mainframes.
- Use logical partitions (LPARs) to control access to data and applications.
- Run multiple operating systems on one mainframe.
- Run proprietary software (z/OS) or open software (Linux).
Environmental advantages of mainframes
Reduces energy consumption - Fewer servers, Less heat and Reduces required floor space
Is this a new technology?
Why Mainframe
Strength of the mainframe market
$4.5 Billion in IBM mainframe sales in 2006.
All of the top 25 worldwide banks use mainframes.
23 of the top 25 retailers in the U.S. run on mainframes
95% of US Fortune 500 companies are System z clients.
71% of global Fortune 500 companies are System z clients.
80% of world's corporate data resides or originates on mainframes.
The mainframe is one of the most secure servers on the market; a 16-way System z990 can securely process 12,000 transactions per second.
Since 2000, the mainframe has captured 17 points of market share in the high-end server category according to IDC, a global provider of market intelligence.
In other words, without a mainframe
Your airplane might not land safely (air traffic control)
Your ATM would not give you $$ (banks all over the world)
You could not buy something online (transaction processing)
Trains could not run everywhere (virtual Linux servers)
Hospitals could not access patient records (Patient Management)
Your FedEx /UPS package would not ship? (shipping and tracking of shipments)
The internet would not work.
Career outlook
Many jobs are predicted to open in the upcoming years, as current workers retire.
Salary range for an entry-level position is over $50,000.
Job placement is very high.
Patent opportunities.
More information from the IBM site.