Visual Lansa
Visual Lansa

1. Repository & Integrated Development Environment
* Start the LANSA Development Environment
* Using the LANSA Documentation
2. Working with the Visual LANSA IDE
* Introducing the Integrated Development Environment
* Tab Style and Positioning
* Turn Tab Autohide On/Off
* Undocking Tab Windows
* Docking Tab Windows
* Editor Options
* Repository Find
3. The Repository Tab
* Alphabetical Grouping On/Off
* Arranging Columns
* Filtering Content Type
* Local and Master Details
* Impacts and Dependencies
4. Working with the Repository
* Create Fields
* Add a Field Level Validation Rule
* Add Help Text for a Field
* Creating a New File
* Setting the Primary Key
* Add 4 Validation Rules to the iiiARTISD file
* Viewing the Validation Rules
* Create a Logical View
* Create Access Routes
* Create a Pre-Determined Join Field (PJF)
* Create a Virtual Field
* Compiling the Files
5. Create a LANSA RDML Process / Function Application
* Create a Process
* Create a Function Using a Template
* Compile and Execute the Function
* Repository Lists
6. Additional Exercises and Notes
* Working with the Database Diagram
* Check Visual LANSAs Version and EPC Level
* Review Partition Definition
* The Active Repository Role at Run Time
7. Format Source Code
* Create a Copy of Form VL_DEM1
* Create a Process and a Function
* Turn on Autohide
* Change Formatting Options
* Editor Source Settings
* Display Error Log
* Display Feature Help Text
8. Edit Source Code
* Cursor Position
* Position the Current Line
* Comment Lines
* Copy and Paste
* Find Text
* Use the Toolbar Find Field
* Use the Find Dialog
* Find and Replace
* Search Text in Several Objects
9. Auto Complete and Command Assistant
* Display the Command Assistant
* Use the Command Assistant
* Use Auto Complete Prompter
* Use the Online Help Command
10. Execute Applications
* Determine Compile Status
* Execute a Process
* Review the Personnel System Application
* Execute the Application from the Execution History List
* Execute the Application from the Program Folder
* Execute a Form
11. Introduction to Object Oriented Lab
* Start the LANSA Development Environment
12. Working with Basic Controls in Visual LANSA Forms
* Example of using a push button
* Example of using the buttonstate property of a check box
* Example of using an Edit box
* Example of using the Buttonchecked property
* Example of using a Static Component
* Example of using a Track bar
* Example of using a Progress bar
* Example of using Tab Folders and Tab Sheets
* Create a Rich-Client Application
* Inheriting Ancestor Forms
* Screen Paint the Application
* Create Event Code for the Find Button
* Add Error Highlighting for Artist ID
* Create an Artist Business Object
* Add Save Logic to Business Object
* Create Save Button Click Event, Invoke Business Object
* Modifying the Ancestor Form
* Intrinsic Functions
* Enable Save/Delete Menu Bar Options
* Synchronize Push Buttons and Menu Options
* Complete the Delete Button